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Ukraine Crisis

5 Simple Ways you can show support to Ukraine

‘Ukraine Sunflower’

We have all watched events unfold in Ukraine with horror & wondered what we can do to help.

Ukraine’s president Zelensky has described the United Kingdom as a ‘real & reliable’ friend with our nations support of his country during this crisis. So lets continue to do what we can as this crisis continues.

Few of us feel able to donate large sums of money to charities or physically provide any help, but there are some easy, cheep ways you can show support for the Ukrainian people at their time of need.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to show support to Ukraine.

  1. Display Sunflowers

Nothing is more symbolic of Ukraine than this vibrant yellow flower. Not only is the Sunflower the National Flower of this great nation but we are all appreciating now that Ukraine is one of the worlds largest supplier of sunflower seeds & oil & its supplies are now under extreme threat as the invasion rages on.

Display Sunflowers images to show your support to the people of Ukraine either in your window or outside of your schools, churches, community centres or work place.
You can also plant some sunflower seeds now in time for them to bloom to their full dizzy heights this summer.

Let’s cover our world in sunflowers!

2) Send Ukraine Appeal eCards

LOLVE eCards are proud to say that we were one of the first companies in the world to react to the humanitarian crisis & set up its dedicated Ukraine Appeal ecards online uk within days of the crisis comencing in early March 2022.

Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, Easter or for any special occasion, send a LOLVE eCard with 100% profit donated to the Save The Children Ukraine Appeal

From Sunflowers to Nightingale birds & messages of Hope, Love & Peace, LOLVE animated cards are the perfect way to send messages by email or social media.

LOLVE Ukraine Appeal eCards

3) Buy a Mug

Buy a mug that donates 100% profit to the Ukraine Appeal. Adorned with a Sunflower in the Ukraine flag distinctive yellow & blue with an inspirational quote of ‘We stand strong, We fight hard, We rise proud’ this mug will show solidarity with Ukraine as you sip your morning coffee

Ukraine Mug
Ukraine Mug

4) Buy a Teddy Bear

This has to be the cutest way you can show support to Ukraine!

Buy this gorgeous, traditionally made brown teddy, resplendent in his T-shirt with the Ukrainian flag emblazoned on it. Made with super soft fur this toy is perfect for cuddling in to as well as showing solidarity with the Ukraine nation.

Ukraine Teddy

5) Save The Children Ukraine Appeal

If you have been deeply affected by watching the scenes of families fleeing or trapped by the war, in particular seeing children distressed & injured, then there is a way you can reach these children directly..

The Save The Children charity directly reaches the Ukraine children whether they are still in the country or sheltering in neighbouring countries as refugees, & helps supply them with food, medicines, physical & psychological support & assisting them to access education.

Even if you are only able to donate a few pounds to the Ukraine Appeal, you can be assured that every penny reaches the children in need.

Save The Children Ukraine Appeal
Donate to Save The Children Ukraine Appeal

Which ever way you choose to show support, just try and do SOMETHING whether by moral, practical or financial ways to help with this humanitarian crisis we are all witnessing in front of our very eyes.

Thank you


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