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5 ways to Celebrate Your Friends!

5 ways to celebrate International Friendship Day on 30th July 2022

It’s International Friendship day

30th July 2022

We all love & need our friends.
Whilst boyfriends, husbands, wives & girlfriends can come & go throughout our lives, our friends can be a constant rock spanning decades of love, memories, laughs, tears & support.

Celebrated across the globe, this day allows us all to treasure not only our own close friendships, but to reflect on the important values that make the world a better place, by bridging different cultures & nations together.


How can we best celebrate the International Day of Friendship?

1) Phone a Friend

Its so easy these days to substitute a phone call with a text, WhatsApp message or a Facebook comment – but when was the last time you actually spoke & had a laugh with your friend?

Hit the button & make that call – or even better, a video call!

You’ll connect so much more with a live chat & really show your friend how much they are valued.

2) Send a token gift

This isn’t about splashing the cash – real friends don’t want that. But sometimes the smallest gift full of thought, are the best!

Why not send a photo of a bygone memory shared together that’ll make them smile each time they walk past it.

Send a photo to a friend

3) Send a card

Nothing says it like a card and even better a personalised animated e-card sent with LOLVE!

Just select a stunning card with either preselected music & special effects or choose these options yourself- to send a truly personal message to your friend by Facebook, WhatsApp, email & more!

Perfect to create an ecard for Facebook for any event including ecards birthday uk. Check out our artist ecard range now!

Celebration basket eCard by Amanda Loverseed at LOLVE e-cards
‘Celebration basket’ e-card by Amanda Loverseed

4) Just tell them you love them!

Yes we all know we love our friends & they love us, but have you actually ever said ‘I Love You’ to them?!

We’ve probably uttered those 3 little words to partners, kids & grand children over the years – but have you actually told your friend who you love as much, if not more?

Whether its by phone or video call or by e-card, let them know how loved & appreciated they are by telling them you love them.

5) Make a new International Friend

Want to reach out a global arm of friendship?
Then why not help out friends you don’t even know around the world & buy a gift for them.

Buy an international gift
Buy a Gift for a friend you don’t even know

With an Oxfam charity gift you can help educate women & get more children into school.
Many of the poorest children around the world don’t have access to schools or a decent education, leading to a life trapped in poverty & servitude.

The gift of the power of education is priceless and lifelong, so why not reach out that international arm and know that you have helped a friend you’ll never meet, but will always thank you for helping them.

However you celebrate the International Day of Friendship, we hope you celebrate your friends in style!


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