4 Fun Facts about Thanksgiving

Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November, Thanksgiving is one of the most important events in the United States calendar.

But what is the history of Thanksgiving and why does it continue to be celebrated?

Here are 4 fun facts that you didn’t know about Thanksgiving from calories consumed, the Pilgrim origins to how there’s one lucky turkey every year!

1. The history of Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving tradition is just over 400 years old. The celebration of gathering together to give thanks for a successful harvest spans back to the earliest pilgrims settling in America, in the 17th century, with the first known Thanksgiving held in the 1621. The original dinner would have looked very different to todays menu with most likely a roasted duck or goose as a centre dish, and probably some venison and even seafood on the table, although with no potatoes!

Thanksgiving Harvest Hamper


2. How many calories are in a Thanksgiving meal?

Although turkeys were not originally eaten by the Pilgrims, todays Thanksgiving meal consists of roasted turkey with stuffings & cranberries, mashed & sweet potatoes, a plethora of veg dishes, pumpkin pie & more. So its no wonder that an average turkey lunch consumption has been calculated to be anything between a whopping 3000 to 4500 calories! Whoa, you’d better wear those stretchy waist clothes!

3. How many turkeys are eaten at Thanksgiving and which one gets lucky?

It has been estimated that across America for the Thanksgiving holiday that over 46 million turkeys are bought & eaten. Thats a lot of nervous gobble gobbling!

At least for one lucky turkey every year, they get to be officially “pardoned’ by the President during a traditional service at the White House and set free to live a full gobble life!

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

4. Facts about pumpkins & Gourds

Is there anything that looks, feels & smells more autumnal than pumpkins? With their tough exterior with fleshy skin & pithy seeded centre, pumpkins are a key element of the Thanksgiving dinner in the classic pumpkin pie. But pumpkins are just one of the many vegetables that make up the Gourd species, which also includes the familiar Butternut Squash. Other fantastically named gourds include the Golden nugget, Jack Be Little, Kakai, Crookneck, Hubbard & Sweet Dumpling squashes.

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