5 ways to show love on Valentine’s Day

‘Love is in the air, Everywhere you look around’

Yes, its difficult to ignore that February is the month of romance with Valentines Day on the horizon on 14th February.

Whilst this is an exhilarating & romantic time for many, for some it can be a painful reminder that they are single, widowed or alone.

With cards, flowers & chocolates in abundance, Valentines Day is certainly a time for professing your love.

So whilst there is no shortage of ways to show our love to our beloved or secret crush, is there anything we can do to share the love a little to others that need it?

  1. Send some flowers

Nothing says I love you like flowers do. So why not send a thoughtful bouquet of roses to bring joy to a loved one.

2) Send a card

Receiving a personalised card can be the single most thoughtful gift anyone can send & receive. The simple act of taking a few minutes to write a message with thought, cannot fail but to bring joy to someone.
Whether by paper card or by personalised eCard, send someone you love a heartfelt message this Valentines Day.

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3) Phone a loved one

With so many ways to message these day it’s easy to not actually call or Facetime and talk to loved ones. Whether it’s due to convenience, or being busy, days can slip into weeks of not picking up a phone.

However, to someone being alone, to actually talk to someone can help them feel connected.

So whilst you’re sitting there, why not just do it & MAKE THE CALL !

4) Visit someone

Yes, we’ve all be in a lock down of sorts on & off over the last 2 years with the COVID pandemic. But we are allowed to travel & visit family & friends again now. 
Some of us are still naturally anxious about becoming infected or spreading the virus to loved ones. But as long as we are responsible in following current national, we can start to see each other again. Preferably fully vaccinated & maintaining social distancing where possible, but help others feel connected.

5) Send a small gift

Theres no need for giant, expensive gesture but sometimes a small tokenism gift can mean the world to someone.

Have you ever found that when you’ve used a gifted item, such as a fruit bowl, socks or a candle, that you think warmly of the person that gave it to you when you use it?

Why not gift someone with small present, sent with love, to help them feel loved & smile.

A scented candle can be a perfect way to send a small but thoughtful gift.

Whichever way you reach out to family, friends & loved ones this Valentines Day, we wish you a wonderful day full of love & happiness!

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