Here are 6 Fun Facts about St Andrews in Scotland

St Andrews is a small town on the east coast of Scotland. Famous around the world for its links to golf, royal romances, the Olympic Games and more, see these 6 fun facts!

Swilcan bridge, Old course, St Andrews
The Swilcan Bridge at the Old Course Golf course, St Andrews, Scotland
  1. About Saint Andrew

St Andrews is named after the patron Saint of Scotland- but who is this mythical man?

Otherwise known as Andrew the Apostle, he and his brother Peter (Simon) were fishermen in the Sea of Galilee, and were two of Jesus’s 12 disciples. Although originally a disciple of John The Baptiste, he is mentioned numerous times in The New Testament after following Jesus, including in the miraculous feeding of the five thousand with fish & loaves. (John 6:1-14).

Saint Andrew

He was crucified in 60 AD, where he was martyred on the X-shaped cross, now called The St Andrews cross, as symbolised in the white cross of the Scottish Saltire flag.

After his bones were eventually moved to this Scottish town around 730 AD at the site of the cathedral, thousands of pilgrims would walk for miles on foot, to pay homage to this iconic Saint. Although his bones have long since been removed, his christian legacy will always be associated with this ancient town.

2. Home of Golf

If there’s one thing that keeps St Andrews on the map, it’s golf! Known around the world as the Home of Golf, the Old Course regularly hosts Championships from the Dunhill Cup to The Open Championship, with 2022 celebrating the 150th Open at St Andrews.

The Old Course, St Andrews

With the top names including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, this years Championship is sure to be an event to remember and a major buzz for the town.

3. Where Wills met Kate

OK, so St Andrews will always be associated with Golf, but who can forget the royal romance of Prince William & Kate Middleton?!

St Andrews University, where Wills met Kate

After they both studied at the St Andrews University, the oldest Scottish university, with William studying Geography and Kate reading History of Art, their romance bloomed during their time in the ancient town, up to their graduations in 2005.

Whilst they no longer live in Scotland, St Andrews will always take credit for the royal romance & fairytale marriage of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge!

4. Chariots of Fire Beach

St Andrews is encompassed by miles of stunning white sandy beaches, including the famous West Sands beach which wraps around the Old Course golf course. It became a star in its own right, in 1981 as the backdrop to the famous beach run in the film Chariots of Fire (& also Mr Bean in the 2012 London Olympic Games sketch!)
C’mon.. you’re humming the theme tune as you read this aren’t you & doing a slow motion run! .. da da da da daa daaa…

5) Home of Gin

Whilst Scotland has a strong association with Whisky, St Andrews also has a close link with Gin and Beer with the local Eden Mill distillery & brewery. Set on the site of an ancient distillery on the River Eden, they incorporate locally sourced botanicals to create their delicious, unique ranges of gin. From Scottish strawberries and raspberry infusions to passion fruit and coconut, theres a flavour for any gin lover with their selections.

6) Home of e-cards

St Andrews is also the home of LOLVE e-cards, the most elegant ecards online! This digital product is based in Market street of the town and is a truly Scottish product. With a wide range of card designs, created by the very best of British illustrators, no other ecard website delivers such an elegant product.

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All in all, for a small town on the east coast of Scotland, St Andrews punches above its weight for history, romance, sport and unique products- so watch the golf, drink the gin, beer & whisky, send the e-card & come and visit one day!

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