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Welcome to LOLVE: The Ultimate Destination for personalised Animated Birthday eCards!

Are you tired of the same old traditional birthday cards? Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate someone special? Look no further! LOLVE brings you an exciting collection of personalised animated birthday ecards that are sure to make your loved ones’ day unforgettable.Picnic hamper eCard

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Unleash the fun with Personalisation

At LOLVE, we believe that every birthday is unique and deserves a special touch. Thats why our animated photo eCards are designed to be personalised just for you. With a few simple clicks, you can customise your eCard with the recipients name and add a personalised message. Watch as their face lights up when they see their name shining bright on the screen!

Check out our Top 5 most popular Birthday cards!

Number 1: Our ‘Balloons in a Box’ card is our best selling birthday card! Designed by ArtiCaz in her unique elegant style, this card, in pinks and purples, is guaranteed to deliver your personalised birthday message in style!

Birthday balloon ecards by ArtiCaz
Balloon Birthday eCard by ArtiCaz

2) Flower Blue Box by Lisa Maltby is perfect for sending birthday wishes, complete with a blue gift box wrapped in a pink ribbon. Accompanied with a yellow pink bouquet of flowers, this greeting card design is one of the most popular birthday designs!

Blue Flower Box e-card by Lisa Maltby
‘Blue flower Box’ eCard by Lisa Maltby

3) Floral Bouquet ‘Posie in a Box‘ Birthday card by artist Amanda Loverseed is perfect for sending birthday wishes online. Stunning flowers featuring fresh summer blooms including red roses and white Marguerite daisies, in beautiful shades of purples, yellows, pink, white and reds are all tied with a feature red ribbon.

Birthday ecard Floral Bouquet by Amanda Loverseed
Flower Cards by Amanda Loverseed

4) How gorgeous is our ‘Hedgehog Love’ ecard by Welsh based artist Sarah Morley?! Our cute little hibernating friend surrounded by pink, yellow and red flowers, set in a teal background is perfect for sending birthday wishes online. 

Hedgehog Love ecard by Sarah Morley
‘Hedgehog love’ ecard by Sarah Morley

5) Send Champagne bubbly wishes with our ‘Champagne Gift Box‘ e-card, animated with floating bubbles, for that extra special birthday gift. Animated birthday cards

Champagne Celebration box by Lisa Maltby
Champagne Box eCard by Lisa Maltby

Dazzling Animations and Themes

Our collection of musical eCards for birthday is bursting with captivating animations and themes that are sure to bring joy and laughter. From popping bottles of champagne and floating balloons,  to mouth-watering cakes and adorable animals, our eCards cover all the elements that make birthdays special. Whether you want to convey a sense of elegance, excitement or playfulness, we have the perfect eCard to match your vision.

Easy Sending and instant sharing

We understand the importance of convenience when it comes to spreading birthday cheer. With LOLVE, sending an eCard is as easy as a few clicks. Simply select your favourite design, customise it and choose your preferred delivery method. You can send the eCard directly to the recipients email address or share via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. No more worries or missed deliveries!

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