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How to make an eCard with LOLVE

e-cards are perfect for sending birthday, anniversary, Christmas messages or sending greetings for any special occasion.

But some e cards can be tacky and naff, particularly ones that are free.

So which e-card can deliver your message in style with elegance, whilst offering you value for money?

LOLVE eCards are the most unique, elegant & eco friendly cards online!

'Gift wrapped hearts' by Articaz
‘Gift wrapped hearts’ e-card by Articaz at

Send ecard online with LOLVE & your personalised message will delivered in style.
Whether its to send birthday cards to facebook or to send email card, our greeting card with video will bring a smile to whoever receives it!

LOLVE has the most unique online e birthday cards which are all created by UK based artists, to create a very British style. Our ecard design is distinct from any other e-card brands & allow you to add photos, music & animated effects, such as falling petals, confetti, snowflakes & floating balloons.

Take a look on the link below to see how to personalise your card!

Send WhatsApp birthday message, wedding day ecards or animated anniversary ecards and personalise your greeting video card with photos to truly make your greetings bespoke.

We have a string charitable ethos also. Our cards for charity donate to the Scottish charity Tayside Children with Cancer & Leukaemia TCCL with all card designs donated by artists associated with the charity, to support children & their families through their cancer treatment.

We also sell charity cards online in support of the Save the children Ukraine humanitarian response with all profit donated to this essential cause.
Sending love e-card

Whichever ecard design you choose, you can be assured that your card will loved & treasured when received- so get making your 1st card now with LOLVE!

LOLVE: Short for ‘Lots of Love’






eCard Greeting card News

Ukraine Crisis

5 Simple Ways you can show support to Ukraine

‘Ukraine Sunflower’

We have all watched events unfold in Ukraine with horror & wondered what we can do to help.

Ukraine’s president Zelensky has described the United Kingdom as a ‘real & reliable’ friend with our nations support of his country during this crisis. So lets continue to do what we can as this crisis continues.

Few of us feel able to donate large sums of money to charities or physically provide any help, but there are some easy, cheep ways you can show support for the Ukrainian people at their time of need.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to show support to Ukraine.

  1. Display Sunflowers

Nothing is more symbolic of Ukraine than this vibrant yellow flower. Not only is the Sunflower the National Flower of this great nation but we are all appreciating now that Ukraine is one of the worlds largest supplier of sunflower seeds & oil & its supplies are now under extreme threat as the invasion rages on.

Display Sunflowers images to show your support to the people of Ukraine either in your window or outside of your schools, churches, community centres or work place.
You can also plant some sunflower seeds now in time for them to bloom to their full dizzy heights this summer.

Let’s cover our world in sunflowers!

2) Send Ukraine Appeal eCards

LOLVE eCards are proud to say that we were one of the first companies in the world to react to the humanitarian crisis & set up its dedicated Ukraine Appeal ecards online uk within days of the crisis comencing in early March 2022.

Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, Easter or for any special occasion, send a LOLVE eCard with 100% profit donated to the Save The Children Ukraine Appeal

From Sunflowers to Nightingale birds & messages of Hope, Love & Peace, LOLVE animated cards are the perfect way to send messages by email or social media.

LOLVE Ukraine Appeal eCards

3) Buy a Mug

Buy a mug that donates 100% profit to the Ukraine Appeal. Adorned with a Sunflower in the Ukraine flag distinctive yellow & blue with an inspirational quote of ‘We stand strong, We fight hard, We rise proud’ this mug will show solidarity with Ukraine as you sip your morning coffee

Ukraine Mug
Ukraine Mug

4) Buy a Teddy Bear

This has to be the cutest way you can show support to Ukraine!

Buy this gorgeous, traditionally made brown teddy, resplendent in his T-shirt with the Ukrainian flag emblazoned on it. Made with super soft fur this toy is perfect for cuddling in to as well as showing solidarity with the Ukraine nation.

Ukraine Teddy

5) Save The Children Ukraine Appeal

If you have been deeply affected by watching the scenes of families fleeing or trapped by the war, in particular seeing children distressed & injured, then there is a way you can reach these children directly..

The Save The Children charity directly reaches the Ukraine children whether they are still in the country or sheltering in neighbouring countries as refugees, & helps supply them with food, medicines, physical & psychological support & assisting them to access education.

Even if you are only able to donate a few pounds to the Ukraine Appeal, you can be assured that every penny reaches the children in need.

Save The Children Ukraine Appeal
Donate to Save The Children Ukraine Appeal

Which ever way you choose to show support, just try and do SOMETHING whether by moral, practical or financial ways to help with this humanitarian crisis we are all witnessing in front of our very eyes.

Thank you

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We’re officially award winning!

And we couldn’t be happier about it!

When you’re a small business starting up, there are many challenges you face along the way.

So winning a small business #SBS award and from no other than Theo Paphitis from Dragons Den- well, that certainly feels like a pat on the back!

Dragons Dens’ Theo Paphitis presenting Lizzy Dunstan, Director of LOLVE, with his Small Business #SBS award

So what’s the story behind LOLVE eCards?

Well LOLVE is the idea and business baby of its director, Lizzy Dunstan.

In 2016, frustrated at the lack of choice for sending tasteful, elegant but fun & personalised eCards, she came up with a solution in the form of LOLVE eCards.

She also created the word LOLVE- short for Lots of Love, as this seemed the perfect word for gift giving.

After working with web developers in Edinburgh, LOLVE finally launched mid pandemic in June 2020 with a further site upgrade in June 2021 with Edinburgh web developers Geared App.

Lizzy has spent 5 years working with a variety of the most talented artists within the UK to select card designs that she loved & knew that customers would love too.

A little about Lizzy

Well she’s always a busy Lizzy & sometimes a dizzy Lizzy!

As a wife, a mother of 3 and with a career of over 35 years as a nurse, fair trader & a previous part time greeting card trader, LOLVE encompasses many of her core passions.

So whats so unique about LOLVE?

LOLVE was designed to make life easier for busy people. From sending greeting cards & gifts to family & friends on time & on budget can be challenging in our busy lives.

Lizzy wanted an eCard that delivered on style and felt like a virtual gift, that you had to open like a gift-box to reveal its personalised contents.

Charity ethos
It was important to her that LOLVE had a big heart and so it’s charity range was created. She collaborated with a local Scottish charity, Tayside Children with Cancer & Leukaemia (TCCL) for a stand alone eCard range with 100% profit from this range donated to this incredible charity. All artwork for this range has been kindly donated by local Scottish professional artists or created by children associated directly or indirectly with the charity.

Eco friendly product
We’re eco friendly as well! Not only are we a paperless product saving trees, but we also plant a tree for every subscriber to our cards with The Tree App.

Handmade gifts
We features many gifts on our site too – all tasteful & most hand made to help you find the perfect present for that special occasion!

We pride ourselves on being the most personalised, whilst being the most stunning, eCard on the market!

Thank you!
Thank you so much to all of our wonderful customers & supporters for making LOLVE live & breath- without you we simply wouldn’t be.

Dragons Dens’ Theo Paphitis & Touker Suleyman having a fireside chat about the challenges of running a business at the #SBS conference 2022


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5 ways to share the love this Valentine’s Day

‘Love is in the air, Everywhere you look around’

Yes, its difficult to ignore that February is the month of romance with Valentines Day on the horizon on 14th February.

Whilst this is an exhilarating & romantic time for many, for some it can be a painful reminder that they are single, widowed or alone.

With cards, flowers & heart shaped gifts in abundance from chocolates, cakes, balloons & more, Valentines Day is certainly a time for professing your love.

So whilst there is no shortage of ways to show our love to our husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee, significant other or secret crush, is there anything we can do to share the love a little to others that need it?

We all know someone who is alone, not necessarily by choice, whether it’s your Mum, Dad, an aunt, cousin or best friend- or maybe even you. And we know that Valentine’s Day can be a tough one when the rest of the world appears to be in love or partnered up.

So here are some 5 tips to bring a little joy & love to others this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Send some flowers

Nothing says I love you like flowers do. And it doesn’t need to be a dozen red roses (although that would be lovely, thanks very much!) – so why not send a thoughtful bouquet to bring joy to a loved one and Buy flower such as this stunning hand tied array of tulips.

Flower delivery

2) Send a card

Receiving a personalised card can be the single most thoughtful gift anyone can send & receive. The simple act of taking a few minutes to write a message & let someone know you are thinking of them, cannot fail but to bring joy to someone.
Whether by paper card or by personalised eCard, send someone you love a heartfelt message this Valentines Day.

Why not send a stunning bespoke eCard with Lots of Love at LOLVE and brighten someones day! With the addition of your personalised message, music & special effects and with the option to add photos to your animated card, we guarantee your message will be received with a smile!

3) Phone a loved one

With so many ways to communicate these day from text messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook or Messenger, its easy to not actually call or Facetime and talk to loved ones. Whether it’s due to convenience, being busy or laziness at having to make conversation, days can slip into weeks & months of not picking up a phone to call.

However, to someone living alone or struggling with not being in a relationship, to actually talk to someone can help them feel connected & loved & help with any loneliness.

So whilst you’re sitting there, probably with your mobile in your hand- why not just do it & MAKE THE CALL !

4) Visit someone

Yes, we’ve all be in a lock down of sorts on & off over the last 2 years with the COVID pandemic, but we are allowed to travel & visit again now.
Some of us are still naturally anxious about becoming infected or spreading the virus to loved ones, but as long as we are responsible in following current national & local guidance, preferably fully vaccinated & maintain social distancing where possible, why not get out & about a bit and start catching up with family & friends and help others feel connected

5) Send a small gift

Theres no need for giant, expensive gesture but sometimes a small tokenism gift can mean the world to someone.

Have you ever found that when you’ve used a gifted item, such as a fruit bowl, socks or a candle, that you think warmly of the person that gave it to you when you use it?

Why not gift someone with small present, sent with love, to help them feel loved & smile.

A scented candle can be a perfect way to send a small but thoughtful gift, such as an Eco-conscious natural wax vegan candle, with a refreshing Seamint & Spruce with Eucalyptus & Peppermint aroma.

Whichever way you reach out to family, friends & loved ones this Valentines Day, we wish you a wonderful day full of love & happiness!

Lots of Love from LOLVE eCards

Winner of the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday #SBS award 2021.

Check out our stunning range of eCards available for Valentines day at

‘Gift wrapped hearts’ by ArtiCaz available at
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5 Simple tips for going Eco 🌳

1) We all want to do our bit to save the planet- but what changes can we realistically make to do our bit, amongst our hectic lives? Here are some simple tips that we can easily make to help look after our wonderful, precious planet

1) Go Paperless

We are all aware of our of what we need to do, but how can we reduce our paper use. Well, one simple way is by sending eCards online instead of paper greeting cards at  Simple whilst still classy, as well as more convenient & saves on rushing to the post box in time too!

2) Bring your own food to work

Yes- it takes a bit more planning when dashing out of the house in the morning- but have you ever thought of the packaging your meal deal actually makes? With a sandwich wrapper, crisp packet & a single use plastic bottle or tinned drink going in the bin each time- multiply that by 5 times a week & you soon start to create your very own waste dump.
Try taking your lunch to work in reusable packaging & a water bottle & you’ll not only save yourself some pennies, but also some trash.

3) Reduce food waste

How many left overs do you throw in the bin each week? Help reduce waste by planning your meals for the week & have one night for getting inventive & using all the scraps in your fridge- because everything goes with pasta anyway, right?!

4) Plant a tree

OK – so don’t worry if you don’t have a garden – we can plant a tree on your behalf! How? Well, for every subscriber to our eCard range at LOLVE eCards we will plant a tree for you at

So far we’ve planted over 80 m2 with trees in the rainforest on behalf of our customers, and we look forward to our forest growing, as part of our eco-friendly pledge.

5) Shop local

Reduce not only your fuel driving to your nearest supermarket, but support local businesses too. Buying local produce helps reduce your carbon footprint as well as supporting local businesses

Whichever ways you choose to do your bit, keep going & increase what you do over time. It will only be by us all taking personal responsibility of our actions that we can collectively make a difference & help protect our climate


How to stay connected during #Lockdown2

So that’s it then- we’re back in a national & regional COVID lockdown again.

Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst

As a second wave of the virus brings us back under social isolation measures again, how can we best stay connected with family & friends?

Whilst we have all got used to seeing a little less of each other now- for some the struggle is real. With the thought of further isolation bringing anxiety to many- how can we help support those who are struggling being distanced & alone.

And with the opportunity to see family & friends reduced, the chance of spending time with them everyday or for special occasions has been curtailed

Well let our eCards help you stay a little bit more connected at LOLVE

eCards for any occasion from LOLVE

Our stunning ranges of hand illustrated eCards bring joys to those who received them. With eCards suitable for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Thanksgiving or simply to say ‘I love you’ – you can have fun with our ever expanding ranges!

We say eCards, but they are so much more than this! They are infact eGiftboxes packed with personalised content – your message, photos (optional), music & animated effects so that when received they are opened just like a giftbox to reveal their contents! And GUARANTEED to bring a smile & make someone feel loved 🥰

The word LOLVE is short for ‘Lots Of LoVE’ & this is exactly what our eGiftbox messages are sent & received with.

As you have UNLIMITED use of our ranges – you can send our eCards daily or on the hour, every hour, if you wish! Spread the love a little and help loved ones feel connected & supported through these strange times.

Check out our stunning eCards from our ‘Everyday’ Christmas’ & ‘Charity’ ranges at

Select one of our 3 eCard ranges to see our full selection.

Prices start for a little as £1/ per month! To see our incredible value prices see

LOLVE logo

Send an eCard with Lots of love, send an eCard with LOLVE 💓


Missing family & friends during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s one way to help stay connected with loved ones during lockdown.

Missing family during the lockdown restrictions?

Are you trying to find ways to connect with loved ones while travel & visits are restricted?

Nothing makes you feel the distance between family & friends more than being separated for a birthday, Christmas or special occasion. And now with COVID lockdowns & travel restrictions across the globe, meeting with loved ones has become an increasing challenge or impossibility.

Even buying greeting cards, stamps & getting to a postbox can be difficult for some of us currently.

In England alone there are more than 2 million over 75s that live alone, according to Age UK, with more than a million older people going over a month without speaking anyone- whether a friend, neighbour or family member, potentially leading to feelings of isolation & depression.

So how can we connect with loved ones and feel closer to them during these strange times?

Well let LOLVE help you bridge the gap with our stunning hand illustrated eCards to send greetings for special occasions or even just to say ‘Hi’ ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’. Our eCards are the perfect solution for reaching out across the enforced distance between us all. All from the convenience of your laptop or smartphone/iPad at

A selection of eCards from LOLVE

No Apps needed to download- just visit our website at and take a look around our stylish site with all of the choices of eCards, special effects & music -with no commitment to buy.

Beautiful and hand illustrated eCards by a wide array of artists, are perfect for all occasions from birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Halloween or new babies.

LOLVE provides the perfect solution with all the beauty of a hand illustrated greeting card but with all the ease of an animated eCard! Easy & enjoyable to create & personalise with option of selecting music, effects & photos if you wish. You can stamp your mark & have fun selecting colour formats & font styles to create a bespoke message.

Animated eCards with LOLVE

Then simply post eCard directly by Facebook, WhatsApp, email & more- we make it so easy for you, we promise!

Our stylish eCards are guaranteed to be received with a smile and will brighten someone’s day when opened – like a virtual gift box- an eGiftbox!

It’s the little things and simplest gestures that can bring a smile to someone’s face just knowing that someone is thinking of them and help them feel loved.

With UNLIMITED use of our eCard ranges you can send messages as often as you like to family & friends near & far, to stay in touch and help stay connected. And for EXCEPTIONAL value from as little as £1 a month! See our prices at

With Christmas fast approaching we can help take the strain from sending your seasonal greetings too, with our ‘Christmas’ range. We also have a charity range for ‘Tayside children with cancer & leukaemia’ (TCCL) with ALL profit from these eCards donated to this essential Scottish charity.

A selection of Christmas eCards from LOLVE

LOLVE is an abbreviation for ‘Lots of Love’ and this is our ethos too. Send a virtual gift of love and let us help make your world feel more connected

Send an eCard with Lots of love, send an eCard with LOLVE 💗

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst


How to share a bit of fun for ‘Trick or Treat’ during a socially distanced Halloween

Frustrated with ongoing global pandemic lockdown measures and trying to find ways to share a bit of fun during a socially distanced Halloween?

Trick or Treat & Halloween eCards with LOLVE

Why not consider sending an eCard from LOLVE at for sharing a bit of Trick or Treat fun during a socially distanced Halloween

As social restrictions look likely to continue into the Halloween season, the prospect of a full blown normal Trick or Treating for children & families this Halloween look bleak.

Trick or Treating, or Guising as its known in Scotland, is one of the joys of Halloween. A time when children are allowed to knock on doors and fill their sweetie bag to the brim! The sweeties can keep kids (& a few parents) on a sugar high for a few days after- although the monkey nuts are usually less fought over!

The fun of telling jokes in exchange for sweets on door steps is a tradition that has passed on for generations with records of Guising even traced back to the 16th century

The biggest joy of the Halloween is probably the dressing up in ghoulish outfits and is a must for kids and adults alike. Cute little outfits & normal toys & teddies are drastically swapped for ghost, vampires & skeletons with dripping blood, skulls & maggot accessories!

So this year, they’ll be little door to door visits and fewer carved out pumpkins on doorsteps. And sweet manufacturers profits will be down a little this October too.

So how best to share the Trick or Treat humour and have a bit of fun showing off outfits -dressed up in safely within the house? And how best to share some Halloween ghoulish love with family & friends that need to shield safely & you cannot visit.

eCard animations for Trick or Treat & Halloween
themed eCards at

Well how about creating a fun themed Trick or Treat or Halloween eCard with and send to family & friends by Facebook, email, WhatsApp or Twitter!

Have fun personalising our eCard by adding up to 4 photos to show off your outfits. You can add music & spooky spiders & Halloween cats effects too!

All our eCards are hand illustrated and utterly unique. Our ranges offer UNLIMITED use for outstanding value and our eCards are suitable for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Thanksgiving or any special occasion.

Check out our ‘Trick or Treat’ & ‘Halloween’ eCards by children’s illustrator Molly Sage and get creating your 1st eCard with LOLVE.

Check out more about Molly Sage on

See more about Molly Sages work on


LOLVE eCard illustrators: featuring children’s illustrator Molly Sage

LOLVE commissions only the finest artists to hand illustrate our eCards. Each artist has their own unique style which adds to the overall incredible quality of our ranges.

But we wanted to know a little bit more about each artist and what inspires them & makes them tick.

So we caught up with children’s illustrator Molly Sage, whose eCards include the popular ‘Owl’ & ‘Butterfly box’ and many more, with their distinctive matching surround borders which can be found at

So here’s 8 things we didn’t know about the very talented Molly

1) So Molly, tell us what inspires your creativity:

I live by the sea and I love to look at the large sweeping changing seascapes and dramatic skies. I enjoy focusing in on small details too, the design on some vintage material, the colours in an old vase, how the different colours complement or clash. I love colour!

2) You are a children’s illustrator- tell us about some of your work:

I mainly work on educational projects. I’m currently working on a large series of ebooks teaching children phonics for Blake education in Australia.

Some children are reluctant readers or have dyslexia (which I myself have). I think of those children when I illustrate as they need just a bit more to engage them and hold their interest.
Some of the action in the books takes place in the same setting and I have to be creative in focusing in on different aspects of the story- zooming in or out . My lovely editor Katy Pike and the author Sara Leaman at Blake give me a free rein to contribute ideas and I love the challenge .

3) Tell us a little about how you create your artwork:

I produce my work using Adobe illustrator, which works like a digital collage, the program is very flexible and allows me to experiment.

It’s so inspiring exploring colour, contrast and design adding detail and interest to things which could be seen as quite ordinary. The world is an amazing place. Aesthetics and a good environment are important to all our well being.

4) What 3 words do you feel describe you best?:

Imaginative, enthusiastic, determined

5) Where’s your happy place?:

Living in Whitstable looking out to sea with my little dog Meg and my lovely husband Clive who is always supportive. I love the simple things in life!

6) What has been your greatest achievement work wise to date:

Working on the phonics series- it’s been over 40 ebooks so far! I’ve seen my style develop, along with confidence in my own judgement of what works as the series of books have progressed. I’m always learning.

7) Tell us what appeals to you most about working with LOLVE:

Lizzy is great to work with. It was an open brief of creating an image of a gift/gift box, so I could be really creative with this idea.

8) Tell us something that would surprise us about you:

As well as having dyslexia, I also have dyspraxia and Aspergers. I’ve learnt to see my disabilities as a bonus.

I react to the world in a different way. Understanding and accepting that was a positive step forward and I started to see all the things I could do. I look at things from different perspectives which is a bonus when you are creative.

Thank you Molly, we loved learning more about you. Your work is incredible!

To see all of Molly’s eCards in LOLVE’s Everyday and Christmas ranges visit

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_7926.jpg Logo

To see more of Molly’s work go to


LOLVE : The new way to send bespoke eCards

10 reasons to send a LOLVE eCard

Would you like to send a stunning hand illustrated card – but with all the ease of an eCard?

Are you bored of sending the same tired old format of birthday and Christmas wishes to your Facebook family & friends?

Sending eCards for Christmas, birthdays or any special occasions has become increasingly popular.

However, finding an eCard with all the beauty of a hand illustrated card but with all the convenience of an eMessage can be a challenge.

Well LOLVE is the perfect solution!

LOLVE is the new, utterly unique way to create elegant, personalised hand illustrated eCards for any occasion!

Illustrated by some of the UK’s leading artists LOLVES’s eCards are the perfect way for you to send your message.

We have a stunning array of eCards for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, christenings, weddings, civil partnerships or for any special occasion. A charity range of eCards is available also.

LOLVE is the most flexible eCard around too- send which ever way suits you best-  to Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, email, SMS text & more!

Take a look at our beautiful ranges of eCards on:

Here are 10 reasons why LOLVE is the perfect way to send eCards

1. Hand illustrated

LOLVE has commissioned only the finest leading UK artists to create its eCard ranges.

Artists include Amanda Loverseed, Enya Todd, Louise Wedderburn, Molly Sage, Emma Pack, ArtiCaz & Lisa Maltby & more.

Each artist brings their own unique & stunning style to LOLVE allowing you and the recipient to enjoy this high end product.

See more about each artist on

2. Perfect for any occasion

LOLVE eCards are perfect for any occasion from birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, civil partnerships, christenings, new baby or more!

There are 3 ranges you can choose to subscribe to use- ‘Everyday’, ‘Christmas’ & ‘Charity’ eCards.

See more

3. Perfect eCards for Facebook birthdays!

LOLVE eCards are the perfect solution to send to your Facebook family on their birthdays & other special occasions.

They are quick & easy to create and you can post directly to Facebook or Messenger & other social media platforms or email.

Let your birthday message stand out on your family/friends timeline!

Take a look at the ‘Everyday Range’ for all your birthday, anniversary & other special occasion eCards.

4. Perfect for Christmas & New year too

LOLVE’s Christmas range is perfect for sending an eCard to your family & friends.

Add photos, Christmas music and falling snow flakes or other seasonal special effects to your eCard for the ultimate Christmas eGiftbox message!

Take a look at the Christmas range at

5. Personalised eCards

Once you have selected your eCard from LOLVEs range you can add your personal touch.

You can keep it quick & simple- just add your message & send.

Or if you choose to you can also add photos, music & special effects to create an eGiftbox message which will ‘open’ when received to reveal its contents. The perfect gift!

Like making handmade cards? Well you can add your own bespoke touch to a LOLVE eCard too, by selecting your font style & colour scheme- just have fun with it!

6. Easy to create & send

We promise you that LOLVE ecards are easy to create & send.

We have worked hard to make the process simple- even for the techno fearful!

You can take a look & experiment with adding messages, photos, music & special effects without committing to buying- so take a peep to see how easy it is to create our beautiful eCards.

7. LOLVE is unique and the most flexible eCard EVER!

LOLVE launched in 2018 and is utterly unique!

No other eCard offers the beauty and flexibility of creating & posting as LOLVE does.

Be the first of your family & friends to use!

8. Charity eCards

LOLVE has a strong charitable ethos with its Charity range for the Scottish charity ‘Tayside Children with Cancer & Leukaemia’ (TCCL)

LOLVE is proud to fully support this range and donates EVERY penny of profit to this wonderful charity.

All artwork from this range has been kindly donated by professional artist Louise Wedderburn or created by children associated with the charity.

Read more about TCCL

9. Fantastic value for money!

Subscribe to use LOLVEs 3 eCard ranges: Christmas, Everyday & Charity and then have UNLIMITED use of your ranges!

Prices start from just £15 PER YEAR for UNLIMITED use of the entire selected range!

We recommend the ‘Combo’ special offer purchase of the ‘Everyday’ and ‘Christmas’ ranges together for the best value throughout the year plus the ‘Charity’ range.

ALL profit from the charity range is donated by LOLVE to TCCL charity

Special offers are available for your first years membership & for our ‘Combo’ purchase.

See more at

10. Schedule planner

LOLVEs own unique schedule planner allows you to never forget a birthday, anniversary or special event ever again!

With a range of event alerts which you can set to suit your requirements – LOLVE helps you to stay organised!

We know you’ll enjoy LOLVEs unique product – be the first to send to your friends & family.

Send an eCard with Lots of Love, send an eCard with LOLVE!


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