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Welcome to LOLVE eCards – the home of animated online greeting cards that you and your loved ones will love. Our unique and creative eCards are the perfect way to send a heartfelt message with a touch of elegance.

You can choose from a wide variety of animated ecards uk at LOLVE for every occasion -anniversary ecards, Birthday, Christmas, congratulations, Thank You’s and more. Our ecards feature colourful, eye-catching designs that are sure to put a smile on anyones face.

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Sending an eCard with LOLVE is quick and easy – simply select your favourite ecard, personalise your message and hit send! But what really sets LOLVE apart is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We’re passionate about creating about creating the best possible experience for our users, and we’re always looking to improve our service. So why not give LOLVE a try today and experience the joy of sending an animated ecard that will make your loved ones smile. Sign up now and start spreading the love with LOLVE!

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For every celebration marked on your calendar and the special moments in between, LOLVE make it easy to keep you connected with family, and friends.

Birthday ecards
Birthday Ecards
Love heart ecard
Valentine Ecards
New Home ecard
New Home Ecards
Celebration basket e-card for friends
Flower Ecards
Ukraine Sunflower ecard
Ukraine Charity Ecards
Love hearts eCard by ArtiCaz
Anniversary Ecards

Stag eCard by Louise Wedderburn

Fathers Day Ecards
Easter Bunny e-card
Easter Ecards
Food & Drink Cards
Food & Drink Ecards
Charity card for Tayside Children with Cancer & Leukaemia TCCL
TCCL Charity Ecards
Christmas Ecards
Christmas Ecards
Pink Rose pot ecard
Mothers Day Ecards
Autumnal gourds ecard
Thanksgiving Ecards
Animal ecards
Animal Ecards
Owl Card
Children’s Ecards

LOLVE Ecards online are easy to personalise. Just add a message & then send by Facebook, email, WhatsApp & more.

How to make a LOLVE eCard

There are 2 options to send our cards. The ‘Quick Buy’ allows you to simply add a personal message to your card & send. The ‘Personalise & Buy’ allows you to add photos & change the font, colours, music & animation of the card.

How to make a LOLVE eCard
2 Options to send card. Quick buy or Personalise & Buy

Eco-friendly cards

Our eCards are eco-friendly and help save trees & paper! Our cards are not only paperless but LOLVE plant a tree for EVERY subscription to our range.

Send Charity e-cards

LOLVE also has a strong charitable ethos with 2 charity ranges. Each range donates 100% profit to the charitable causes. The Tayside Children with Cancer & Leukaemia (TCCL) range supports children & families during their long treatment journey.

The Ukraine Appeal range supports children during the current conflict, whether still min Ukraine or as refugees, through the Save The Children Charity.

About our artists

Our personalised ecards are all designed by U.K. based artists and features many stunning designs, perfect for any occasions. Our photo ecards are perfect for any occasion including anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any special event.

All designs are specially illustrated by U.k. artists including Amanda Loverseed, Kathryn Coyle, Enya Todd, Molly Sage, Lisa Maltby, Louise Wedderburn, Sarah Morley & Emma Pack

LOLVE are the original & elegant ecards on line for any occasion.