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Celebrate Easter in Style with LOLVE eCards: A Feast for the Eyes and Heart

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to spread joy and warmth than with beautifully crafted e-cards from LOLVE? Our Easter collection brings together adorable chicks, bunnies, and delightful Easter egg hunts, all set in enchanting scenes that will captivate your loved ones. But that’s not all – we’ve sweetened the deal with delectable Easter cakes, making our cards a true feast for the eyes and the heart.

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Easter Bunny Easter e-cards
Easter Bunny Card by Sarah Morley

Animated and Musical Delights:

Our Easter e-cards aren’t just static images; they’re animated wonders that come to life with every click. From the playful antics of chicks and bunnies to the mesmerizing swirls of pastel-colored eggs, each card is a mini masterpiece of motion and melody. The delightful soundtracks accompanying our cards will set the perfect mood for your Easter greetings, ensuring smiles all around.

Personal Touch with Photo Integration:

Want to add a personal touch to your Easter greetings? With LOLVE eCards, you can easily upload your favorite photos to create a custom video card that truly speaks from the heart. Whether it’s a cherished family portrait or a snapshot of an unforgettable Easter celebration, our cards make it easy to share your special moments with loved ones near and far.

Stunning Designs by Top UK Illustrators:

At LOLVE, we believe that every message deserves to be delivered in style. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the top illustrators in the UK to bring you Easter e-cards that are as elegant as they are enchanting. From intricate floral motifs to whimsical woodland scenes, each design is a testament to the talent and creativity of our artists.

Easter Cake by Enya Todd
Easter Cake‘ Card by Enya Todd

Award-Winning Excellence:

With LOLVE eCards, you’re not just sending greetings – you’re sending a seal of quality and excellence. Our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services has earned us numerous awards and accolades, cementing our reputation as a leader in the e-card industry.

Eco-Friendly and Paperless:

Say goodbye to wasteful paper cards and hello to eco-friendly alternatives with LOLVE eCards. By opting for our digital greetings, you’re not only reducing your carbon footprint but also helping to preserve the planet for future generations. It’s a small step towards a greener, more sustainable world – and every card counts!

Subscription Options with a Purpose:

Looking to spread even more love and sustainability? Consider subscribing to LOLVE eCards, where a tree is planted for each subscriber as part of our commitment to environmental stewardship. With every subscription, you’re not just sending greetings – you’re also helping to nurture and protect our planet.

Easter Chick ecard by Sarah Morley
Easter Chick’ e-card by Sarah Morley

Charity Range for a Cause:

Spread joy while making a difference with our charity range of e-cards. With 100% of the profits donated to various charities, you can send your Easter greetings knowing that you’re supporting worthy causes and making a positive impact on the world.

Convenient Sending Options:

Sending Easter wishes has never been easier thanks to LOLVE eCards. Whether you prefer email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other platforms, our seamless integration ensures that your greetings reach their intended recipients with just a few clicks.

This Easter, make your celebrations truly memorable with LOLVE eCards. From enchanting animations to heartfelt messages, our cards are sure to delight and inspire. Join us in spreading love, joy, and sustainability – one card at a time. Happy Easter!


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