How to stay connected during #Lockdown2

So that’s it then- we’re back in a national & regional COVID lockdown again.

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As a second wave of the virus brings us back under social isolation measures again, how can we best stay connected with family & friends?

Whilst we have all got used to seeing a little less of each other now- for some the struggle is real. With the thought of further isolation bringing anxiety to many- how can we help support those who are struggling being distanced & alone.

And with the opportunity to see family & friends reduced, the chance of spending time with them everyday or for special occasions has been curtailed

Well let our eCards help you stay a little bit more connected at LOLVE

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Our stunning ranges of hand illustrated eCards bring joys to those who received them. With eCards suitable for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Thanksgiving or simply to say ‘I love you’ – you can have fun with our ever expanding ranges!

We say eCards, but they are so much more than this! They are infact eGiftboxes packed with personalised content – your message, photos (optional), music & animated effects so that when received they are opened just like a giftbox to reveal their contents! And GUARANTEED to bring a smile & make someone feel loved 🥰

The word LOLVE is short for ‘Lots Of LoVE’ & this is exactly what our eGiftbox messages are sent & received with.

As you have UNLIMITED use of our ranges – you can send our eCards daily or on the hour, every hour, if you wish! Spread the love a little and help loved ones feel connected & supported through these strange times.

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Missing family & friends during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s one way to help stay connected with loved ones during lockdown.

Missing family during the lockdown restrictions?

Are you trying to find ways to connect with loved ones while travel & visits are restricted?

Nothing makes you feel the distance between family & friends more than being separated for a birthday, Christmas or special occasion. And now with COVID lockdowns & travel restrictions across the globe, meeting with loved ones has become an increasing challenge or impossibility.

Even buying greeting cards, stamps & getting to a postbox can be difficult for some of us currently.

In England alone there are more than 2 million over 75s that live alone, according to Age UK, with more than a million older people going over a month without speaking anyone- whether a friend, neighbour or family member, potentially leading to feelings of isolation & depression.

So how can we connect with loved ones and feel closer to them during these strange times?

Well let LOLVE help you bridge the gap with our stunning hand illustrated eCards to send greetings for special occasions or even just to say ‘Hi’ ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’. Our eCards are the perfect solution for reaching out across the enforced distance between us all. All from the convenience of your laptop or smartphone/iPad at

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Beautiful and hand illustrated eCards by a wide array of artists, are perfect for all occasions from birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Halloween or new babies.

LOLVE provides the perfect solution with all the beauty of a hand illustrated greeting card but with all the ease of an animated eCard! Easy & enjoyable to create & personalise with option of selecting music, effects & photos if you wish. You can stamp your mark & have fun selecting colour formats & font styles to create a bespoke message.

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Then simply post eCard directly by Facebook, WhatsApp, email & more- we make it so easy for you, we promise!

Our stylish eCards are guaranteed to be received with a smile and will brighten someone’s day when opened – like a virtual gift box- an eGiftbox!

It’s the little things and simplest gestures that can bring a smile to someone’s face just knowing that someone is thinking of them and help them feel loved.

With UNLIMITED use of our eCard ranges you can send messages as often as you like to family & friends near & far, to stay in touch and help stay connected. And for EXCEPTIONAL value from as little as £1 a month! See our prices at

With Christmas fast approaching we can help take the strain from sending your seasonal greetings too, with our ‘Christmas’ range. We also have a charity range for ‘Tayside children with cancer & leukaemia’ (TCCL) with ALL profit from these eCards donated to this essential Scottish charity.

A selection of Christmas eCards from LOLVE

LOLVE is an abbreviation for ‘Lots of Love’ and this is our ethos too. Send a virtual gift of love and let us help make your world feel more connected

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How to share a bit of fun for ‘Trick or Treat’ during a socially distanced Halloween

Frustrated with ongoing global pandemic lockdown measures and trying to find ways to share a bit of fun during a socially distanced Halloween?

Trick or Treat & Halloween eCards with LOLVE

Why not consider sending an eCard from LOLVE at for sharing a bit of Trick or Treat fun during a socially distanced Halloween

As social restrictions look likely to continue into the Halloween season, the prospect of a full blown normal Trick or Treating for children & families this Halloween look bleak.

Trick or Treating, or Guising as its known in Scotland, is one of the joys of Halloween. A time when children are allowed to knock on doors and fill their sweetie bag to the brim! The sweeties can keep kids (& a few parents) on a sugar high for a few days after- although the monkey nuts are usually less fought over!

The fun of telling jokes in exchange for sweets on door steps is a tradition that has passed on for generations with records of Guising even traced back to the 16th century

The biggest joy of the Halloween is probably the dressing up in ghoulish outfits and is a must for kids and adults alike. Cute little outfits & normal toys & teddies are drastically swapped for ghost, vampires & skeletons with dripping blood, skulls & maggot accessories!

So this year, they’ll be little door to door visits and fewer carved out pumpkins on doorsteps. And sweet manufacturers profits will be down a little this October too.

So how best to share the Trick or Treat humour and have a bit of fun showing off outfits -dressed up in safely within the house? And how best to share some Halloween ghoulish love with family & friends that need to shield safely & you cannot visit.

eCard animations for Trick or Treat & Halloween
themed eCards at

Well how about creating a fun themed Trick or Treat or Halloween eCard with and send to family & friends by Facebook, email, WhatsApp or Twitter!

Have fun personalising our eCard by adding up to 4 photos to show off your outfits. You can add music & spooky spiders & Halloween cats effects too!

All our eCards are hand illustrated and utterly unique. Our ranges offer UNLIMITED use for outstanding value and our eCards are suitable for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Thanksgiving or any special occasion.

Check out our ‘Trick or Treat’ & ‘Halloween’ eCards by children’s illustrator Molly Sage and get creating your 1st eCard with LOLVE.

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