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5 Simple tips for going Eco 🌳

1) We all want to do our bit to save the planet- but what changes can we realistically make to do our bit, amongst our hectic lives? Here are some simple tips that we can easily make to help look after our wonderful, precious planet

1) Go Paperless

We are all aware of our of what we need to do, but how can we reduce our paper use. Well, one simple way is by sending eCards online instead of paper greeting cards at  Simple whilst still classy, as well as more convenient & saves on rushing to the post box in time too!

2) Bring your own food to work

Yes- it takes a bit more planning when dashing out of the house in the morning- but have you ever thought of the packaging your meal deal actually makes? With a sandwich wrapper, crisp packet & a single use plastic bottle or tinned drink going in the bin each time- multiply that by 5 times a week & you soon start to create your very own waste dump.
Try taking your lunch to work in reusable packaging & a water bottle & you’ll not only save yourself some pennies, but also some trash.

3) Reduce food waste

How many left overs do you throw in the bin each week? Help reduce waste by planning your meals for the week & have one night for getting inventive & using all the scraps in your fridge- because everything goes with pasta anyway, right?!

4) Plant a tree

OK – so don’t worry if you don’t have a garden – we can plant a tree on your behalf! How? Well, for every subscriber to our eCard range at LOLVE eCards we will plant a tree for you at

So far we’ve planted over 80 m2 with trees in the rainforest on behalf of our customers, and we look forward to our forest growing, as part of our eco-friendly pledge.

5) Shop local

Reduce not only your fuel driving to your nearest supermarket, but support local businesses too. Buying local produce helps reduce your carbon footprint as well as supporting local businesses

Whichever ways you choose to do your bit, keep going & increase what you do over time. It will only be by us all taking personal responsibility of our actions that we can collectively make a difference & help protect our climate


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