Fun Facts about the history of Halloween and spooky e-cards!

Happy  Halloween!

With 31st October upon us, it’s time to celebrate the spooky season. But what’s the history to Halloween and why all the ghosts & ghouls & pumpkins?

The History of Halloween

Many think that Halloween is a modern phenomenon. However, the event is steeped in thousands of years of history with ancient celtic and pagan roots.

Halloween is celebrated globally with ghosts & ghouls, Trick or Treating, Guising, bonfires, candy, costumes & all things macabre!

Trick or Treat eCard

With origins from the ancient celtic celebration of Samhain, pagans would celebrate the harvest with rituals & bonfires.

They would leave offerings to the spiritual world, where they believed they could connect with deceased ancestors. It is believed they dressed up in animal costumes to keep them safe from spirits too.

Guising tradition to Modern Trick or Treating

Fast forward a few millennia and todays Halloween has evolved to encompass many other cultural traditions. The ancient  Scottish tradition of Guising saw children dress up and knocking on doors to perform in exchange for food. This has led to the more modern American tradition of Trick or Treating.

Mix in the macabre influences from the Latin American festival of the Day of The Dead, Día de Muertos. Halloween now comprises of dressing in ghoulish outfits whilst children collect sweets & candy

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Another Halloween tradition is pumpkin carving, originating from the old Irish tradition of Jack-o-lantern. This involved root vegetables carved out to create lanterns.

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Whichever way you celebrate Halloween, we wish you a happy day full of sweets, spookiness & pumpkins!


Happy Halloween ecard
Happy Halloween ecard by Molly Sage

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